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The Road Race
The Road Race
Key Facts
The Road Race is a 45 minute interactive performance workshop for Years 5 & 6. It informs and educates about sustainable transport options, and links with Walk to School and School Travel Plan programmes. The maximum number of participants per session is 60.
What's the Story?
Join The Race Leader on a journey you will never forget - 30 years in the future to see car culture gone mad. Quality of life, fitness and the environment have all suffered, and everyone gets up at the crack of dawn to make the lengthy car journey to school.

But with the help of the participants, our future commuter learns that there are alternatives to being driven around by Mum which are better for everybody, and most importantly FUN!

But in a final twist, the participants realise that it's not just in 30 years that change is needed. The problems are here NOW, and in the final challenge students identify regular journeys they currently make by car, that they could safely change to people-powered or public transport. It's fast, it's fun, and it makes kids want to change they way they travel!
What do the students learn?
By the end of the session the participants will:
  • understand that we have a traffic problem
  • realise that we are all part of that problem
  • identify what they can each do to help solve the problem
  • be encouraged to promote sustainable transport messages to others

The Road Race was originally commissioned by West Sussex County Council.

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