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Key Facts
Footsteps the Movie is an interactive performance workshop for Years 1&2. Its main focus is on safe road crossing, but it also contains sustainable transport messages. It is designed to complement Footsteps and other pedestrian training schemes. Every performance produces a unique road safety DVD, starring the audience and given to the school.

What's the Story?
Danny Director needs a new idea for her next hit movie. Sammy Star thinks it should be about driving in a car, but is that really the best way to get around? Alex Actor helps us learn that walking is the cool way to get to school. Danny wants to make a movie about doing it safely, with the audience as the stars! We learn how to cross the road safely and then the audience are directed and rehearsed into the story of a safe walk to school. Every child will have a specific task in the finished movie which will be filmed, premiered on our big screen and left in school for follow-up and fun!
What do the students learn?
By the end of the session, the students will have learned:
  • walking can be better than driving
  • finding a safe place to cross
  • think, stop, look and listen
  • walking sensibly across the road

Footsteps the Movie was commissioned by West Sussex County Council.
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