Stop Watch Theatre Company
Written by Mark Wheeller

Key Facts
Chicken! is a 75 minute Cycle and Pedestrian Safety theatre-in-education programme for Years 5, 6 & 7, comprising a 45 minute play and a 30 minute workshop. The maximum audience size is 250, but schools with 200 or more in their year group should consider booking 2 performances to maximise the effectiveness of the programme.

What's the Story?
It's Christmas. Tammy and Chris, cousins and best mates, are both thrilled to get cool new bikes. Give or take the odd unworn cycle helmet everything is great... That is until one morning when Chris has a puncture and Tammy agrees to walk with him. They are late and in a hurry. They decide to race. Chris runs out across a busy main road and then flips open his camera phone to dare Tammy to do the same in front of a fast-approaching car...
What do the students learn?
The ever popular Chicken! workshop demonstrates that in peer pressure situations, you always have a choice, and goes on to demonstrate key assertiveness techniques that may help you stick to your decision. Using these newfound skills, the audience are able to change the tragic outcome of the play.
Writer - Mark Wheeller -
Publisher - dbda -
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