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Arson About
Arson About
Written by Mark Wheeller

Key Facts
Arson About is a 75 minute Arson Prevention theatre-in-education programme for Year 8 students, comprising a 45 minute play and a 30 minute workshop. The maximum audience size is 250, but schools with 200 or more in their year group should consider booking 2 performances to maximise the effectiveness of the programme.

What's the Story?
Ian, his girlfriend Molly and his best mate Stueey are on a night out to the fair. But hanging over the 2 boys is the accusation that one of them has been sending threatening notes to a teacher. They decide to go into their school after evening classes have finished to investigate. But when Ian has to make a choice between his girlfriend and his best mate, he is literally playing with fire. Who will he choose and what will be the consequences of the teenagers "just arsing about"?
What do the students learn?
The play demonstrates that "a bit of fun" with fire can easily escalate into a tragedy. The workshop uses forum theatre to develop the audience's understanding of the crime of arson and why it is such a problem, and stages a trial to explore the consequences on victims, perpetrators and the community at large.
Writer - Mark Wheeller -
Publisher - Nelson Thornes -
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